About Us

Little Heart's Founder

Dr. Samar Husayn

A young innovative visionary doctor, Dr. Samar Husayn, from New Delhi, founder of “LITTLE HEARTS” is all set to make a difference in the lives of the most beautiful gift of God, children and needy people.

She is on a difficult mission of giving these underprivileged their childhood back & with this purpose in mind, Little Hearts budded on 12th Nov, 2015 which coincides with Dr. Samar’s mother’s(Mrs Rehana) b’day who is the main inspiration behind this NGO.
The NGO caters to children in orphanage homes , drug deaddiction shelters,street children as well as other pavement dwellers, flood & earthquake victims in Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar & is shortly spreading its wings to Kerala and West Bengal .
Dr. Samar, born on 27th July, has completed her Senior Residency in Community Medicine from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College & is currently working as Consultant Epidemiologist at National Centre for Disease Control, New Delhi .She plans to devote more time for expanding Little Hearts to other cities as well so that she can bring a change and uplift the lives of our nation’s future.
Apart from being a compassionate doctor, she has a passion for writing too. She is the author of “Iatrical Trivia” series which is a compilation of short medical stories addressing the present life issues. She is also a scientific blog writer for FMGE world, freelance writer for drug today & medical times.
She also runs a facebook page with more than 9000 members devoted to her speciality in the medical field.
LH is the manifestation of Dr. Samar’s love for the mankind & her effort to make the world a better beautiful place.

Our Members/ Volunteers/Sponsors

  • Alok Pandey
  • Amrit Adhist
  • Ansh
  • Archana Raj
  • Arshina
  • Avanish Singh
  • Avinash Kumar
  • Dr Abhishek Chaurasia
  • Dr Anjali 
  • Dr Anju
  • Dr Ankit Yadav
  • Dr Arti Nareda
  • Dr Ashish
  • Dr D Swami
  • Dr Deepshika Verma 
  • Dr Dipti
  • Dr Divya Gupta
  • Dr Ekta
  • Dr Faizan 
  • Dr Jasmine 
  • Dr Jincy
  • Dr Jincy
  • Dr Kajok
  • Dr Kavita
  • Dr Kunika Vaishnav
  • Dr Lina George
  • Dr Monica D Souza 
  • Dr Neelu Yadav
  • Dr Nidhi
  • Dr Nilofer 
  • Dr Nini
  • Dr Nisha (Jaipur)
  • Dr Pallavi 
  • Dr Priyanka Verma
  • Dr Priyanka Yadav
  • Dr Purvie 
  • Dr Rajesh Yadav
  • Dr Rashid 
  • Dr Ritika
  • Dr Rohit
  • Dr Saloni
  • Dr Sarita
  • Dr Shubhank 
  •  Dr Shubhra Tripathi
  • Dr Sonia
  • Dr Sunita 
  • Dr Supriya 
  • Dr Swati Bachani
  • Dr Tamanna Yadav
  • Dr Tamanna Yadav
  • Dr Tanya
  • Dr Vinita Gupta
  • Dr. Yamini Dharmashaktu
  • Farhana Farooque
  • Farheena Jabi
  • Geeta Raghav
  • Harsh Wardan
  • Jayandra Gyanu
  • Kaushalya 
  • Kundan Srivastava
  • Lalit Kishore Kumar
  • Lucky Goswami
  • Manish
  • Monty
  • Mukesh
  • Naseema
  • Neha Rani 
  • Nidhi Rajput
  • Nipsi
  • Nirupama
  • Osho Prajapati
  • Priyanshu Chauhan
  • Pulkit Aggarwal
  • Qamar Raes
  • Ravindra pati Tripathi
  • Riya Shaw
  • Roohie Zangie
  • Sanjana Prajapati
  • Saumya Achini
  • Shobhit Tomar
  • Shruti Mendiratta
  • Soni Yadav
  • Sugandha Singh
  • Sumit Rai
  • Suraj Saluja
  • Zahra

About Us

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world but unfortunately the problem of poverty still persists predominantly with 63% of the population dwelling in slums and villages.

A big percentage of kids, who are the future of our country, are stuck in the vicious circle of poverty, child labour, begging and rag-picking, making their own future bleak. Hence, they are the biggest sufferers and that’s why we want to come out and provide these kids the childhood they deserve.

Story Behind Little Hearts

It took just one incident to move us and start “Little Hearts”. One day, I, with my friends, went for a weekend out in the city and while we were returning back we came across two street children with runny noses, selling roses and bare foot. That sight never left my mind. In the scorching heat and the burning roads, they moved around with their little feet with mud clinging and small cuts on their feet. This was a pitiful condition, NO ONE EVER should come across. That is when we decided to start “Little Hearts”, a subset of which is the “SLIPPER DISTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN”.
The use of slippers is underestimated. Slippers not only provide protection from the sun and injuries but also from intestinal parasitic infections, worms, anaemia and tetanus. Apart from the physical protection, slippers also provide a sense of dignity, which every kid deserves. While food stuffs and medicines are short lived and will run out in few days or maximum a few weeks, slippers are such items that cannot be afforded by all and yet will last for a minimum of 5-6 months and even more.
We initiated this drive with just 2 cities, Jaipur & Delhi and in 5 years we have expanded to 6 states & Union Territories with multiple diverse campaigns ! We are devoted to expand our services and help to the entire nation .Let the underprivileged children feel that they too are a part of our society. Gift them, make them happy & also, pave way to their brighter future taking one step at a time!

Why should you believe in us?

We have already initiated the drive but we we wish to bring a positive impact in the lives of as many children as possible and for that your support is indispensable. We have already conducted 98 campaigns successfully so far and made a difference in lives of more than 7000 people. Our core team comprises of Doctors and hence we completely understand the physical and mental health needs of children and keep them at top priority while planning and executing our events. With every progress made and every milestone achieved, we will transparently update all our generous contributors and all the beneficiaries.